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MUNRO || MATRICIDE (Official Music Video)
Munro Metal

MUNRO || MATRICIDE (Official Music Video)

SHOT BY: Instagram: @andecoropictures SPOTIFY LINK: Lyrics Verse: Oh, A common family No dysfunction but not quite perfection So you used the element of surprise To tear us apart and leave with the spoils Pre Chorus: Despite all the love and despite all the moments Despite it all, your greed over came You sold us all out to avoid the reaction To all of your spending on personal gain Our connection was never that strong When I grew older I sensed something wrong Only 15 with my heart filled with hate But 2 years later I got it all straight Chorus: So far from what's to be perceived You're a mother that turned away to leave So much love wasted Cover your shame, your love turned to hate Setting your wolves to feed from the carcass Hope you die alone Verse 2: Oh God, you're so vile and wretched Just your actions, they make me feel sick You do what you want to get what you want Crawl through the filth like the worm that you are Pre Chorus: The others, they suffered Mostly the one you took with you. She learned to hate you I returned to a bare house You'd taken everything from them But you took nothing from me, nothing Last Chorus: When you left my heart turned to stone No second chances anymore You never even tried Sold yourself like a whore on the streets To right the wrongs you created You will not be redeemed Redeemed Epilogue: In my head you are dead I killed you long ago When you left I withdrew All of my feelings and memories of you In my head you are dead I killed you long ago So don't expect me to be At your funeral because I've already been
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